The Lotus Of V:rgo

The Lotus Of V:rgo


I am glad to present a special project in which we joined forces with the music artist and my friend V:rgo.

The collaboration happened on the occasion of his new album ‘Lotus’ and the idea was to create a design for his cover. I listened to his album and inspired by the music in it I developed an artwork depicting V:rgo in the style of Fine Graff Art for which I worked in a mixed technique including acrylic, oil and spray painting.

In most of the tracks on the album I felt the catharsis he experienced as a person and as a performer. In some of his songs he sings about inner change and his quest for spiritual growth, about how he realized that a destructive way of life leads to nowhere and has chosen the bright path. It is this change that symbolizes the name of the album ‘Lotus’, one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet which grows in the mud and needs it to bloom.

This inspired me because I went through this path years ago and I experienced the same catharsis that changed me both as a person and as an artist. Since then I have been trying to turn my back on the things that pull me down physically, mentally and spiritually and I have been striving to create art that also teaches higher values. I felt that in V:rgo’s work too.

The image from the picture is already on the cover of the newly released album and is already flooding Bulgaria.


Along with the album we made a limited series of prints signed by both of us with V:rgo which is available at

The original artwork is on display and available for sale at our the virtual gallery Fine Graff Art.




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