Svetlozar Yankov – Sve


Svetlozar Ivanov Yankov is born in 1985 in the city of Velingrad, Pazardzhik Region. He completed his secondary education at “Vasil Levski” high school. He pursued his higher education at the Academy of Music, Dance and Visual Arts in the city of Plovdiv, majoring in Scenography (Cinema and Theater Sets) in the class of Prof. Stefan Popov.

In 2011, he graduated and took the path of art with the performance group Dont Think, which unfortunately didn’t last for long. For a short period he apprenticed with the painter Ivan Kostolov.

Joint exhibitions followed on the Plovdiv scene, where in 2013 he met the world-famous Bulgarian artist Stanislav Trifanov Nasimo, the two made a number of joint projects and to this day continue to be a team and create murals all over the world.


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