Nikolai Angelov-Gary

Born in 1978

Graduated majors: “Sculpture” in Veliko Tarnovo (VTU), master’s degrees – “Graphics” in Shumen (SHU) and “Grafik Art” at the National Art Academy in Bucharest (UNArte Bucharest), Romania.

He is a member of the “Society of Burgas Artists”.

Works in “Garyeli” – art studio and gallery.

Lives and works in Burgas, Bulgaria.

To date, there have been over 20 solo exhibitions. Participates in numerous collective art projects and events in the country and abroad.

Works in a style characteristic of the author. He uses various approaches from magical realism and illustrative painting.

Winner of a number of awards, including: the “Golden Aesop” grand prize from the XXII Biennale of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo, “Artist of the Decade” from the “Largo” Gallery, “Young Artist” award from the SBH Biennale “Friends of the Sea” and others.

He painted in a number of temples and monasteries, including the Troyan and Bachkovo monasteries.

  “…I work in all spheres of fine art, which helps me to always see the things I do from a different angle and in a new way.

  My life has always been and I believe will always be painting. Every moment in which I create fills me with happiness, brings me joy and strengthens my belief that this is my calling; the thing i have to do.

  I am excited about the human beings and their conditions. I try to look into their souls. I depict people not as they appear, but as they would be in an ideal world – the world of our dreams.”

Personal Portfolio

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