Er’Naste Nasimo

People know me by the names of Naste, Nasimo, Kardami Kapila Das or by my birth name Stanislav Trifonov

I started my artistic development as part of Bulgaria’s very first graffiti wave in the 90s.

I have painted murals in Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Kosovo, Turkey, India, China and Russia.

In 2009 I came with the term #Fine Graff Art which I believe is to be the child of graffiti and classical paintings.

My approach technically is to meet the rеbellious expression of the street art and the fine delicacy of the traditional painting. I am doing this by using mixed media – oil, acrylic, spray, markers, and rollers. As I love to stretch with the changing world, I am looking forward to finding my way of working with the possibilities of technology also.

As for my approach philosophically – I am searching for themes that will always be relevant even after our death and I figure out that no other social, political, religious, national, or local event, nothing from the outside will be as relevant in the great spawn of life as our internal life of souls having human experience.

I love cross-field collaborations and for the most part of my 7 solo exhibitions I’ve collaborated with some other great artists recognized in their field so we can really immerse spectators into an experience.

Personal portfolio