Out and about in July

Out and about in July


Unashamedly lagging behind schedule, but not because we’ve given up in the face of the blistering-white summer sun. June turned out to be comfortably busy for our collective – it opened new creative outlets on several fronts, onboarded fresh talent into the crew, and gave ground for an equally productive July.  We can safely say that FGA always thinks one month ahead, which wouldn’t be possible without taking inventory of how far we’ve come until now – Fine Graff Art vs Inside Ink, Boulevard 2044, Sofia Live Fest. 


Fine Graff Art x Inside Ink Tattoo Studio

Organiser: Inside Ink x Fine Graff Art 

Date: 01 – 02 June 2024, 17:00 – 19:00 


Inside Ink (a.k.a  Inside Ink Tattoo Community Hub) effaces cliche images of your neighbourhood garage tattoo studio where sweltering artists apply ink under the breeze of a soviet ventilator and effulgent desk lamps. Taking stock of the positive shift in Bulgarians’ view of tattoos and the rising popularity of the craft, they have set up a missing link in Bulgaria’s tattoo art community –  a roomy hub for workshops, inspo exchange, and guest tattoo artists who have come a long way to ink local enthusiasts. 


During one of Eastern Europe’s staple holidays – Children’s Day – artists from FGA (Stanislav Trifonov – Nasimo, Ivan Shopov, Dimitar Iotov, Svetlozar Yankov – Sve and Damyan Bumbalov)  and Inside Ink (Stanimir Stoychev – Spir, Petya Evlogieva, Alex Rodriguez.- the Cuban , Mario Botev – RIJV, Julien Pavlov and Kalin Totev) crossed brushes to create canvases of collage-like techniques and styles, which were then sold at an open charity auction toward The Great Wall of Bulgaria. 

 One of ours, Sve, shares feelings of total afflatus: 

I took in all the ambiance. The guys at Inside Ink did everything for us to feel comfortable. I collaborated with Petya, whose cartoony style bears incredible levity which I love and actually mixes well with my realistic approach to painting. It was chill, charged with great emotions and I had a smash seeing the art of the other tattoo artists.

The two-day happening dragged FGA artists out of the solitude of their studios and challenged them in a productively uncomfortable way to synchronise their art and process with someone else, unlike other times when we, the audience, try to match their wavelength.  

Boulevard 2044

Organiser: BGLOBAL

Date: 27th June 2024


The flame of road rage, heavy traffic, failed MOTs, mistrust in taxation and the plight of every Bulgarian driver or pedestrian – infrastructure. Yet, the event described below does a perfect job of nixing all negative connotations related to our domestic boulevards via a gamut of lectures on the tech, social, and cultural future of Bulgaria and the world. The event presented a number of technocrats and innovators from the fields of hologram tech, AI, telecommunications, and the mining industry.

A few noteworthy speakers on the non-tech-savvy side were: Yulian Mihov, Dominic Hamers, Milena Stoycheva, and Dobroslav Dimitrov. 

БУЛЕВАРД 2044 в снимки

Yulian Mihov is a business analyst and head of Business Development in Southeastern Europe at PwC. The mark he left on the event tells of an optimistic outlook for the levels of corruption in the next 5 years. He stressed that decimating corruption is only achievable in transparent environments where executives are held accountable. Creating such an environment, however, comes down to us, regular citizens, who, he reminded us, still have the voice to raise the alarm in case of misconduct. 

In the same vein is Milena Stoycheva’s bit on the future of the Balkans. Just like in her PechaKucha talk, she once again emphasised on the importance of turning the country into a haven of entrepreneurial thought and ambition. A goal, more realisable in Yulan Mihov’s vision for a corruption-free nation. 

The technocrat Dominic Hamares talked along with a student, Joanna Markovska, about the green transition towards sustainable energy sources, at the heart of which is mining. His take on the matter showed the importance of copper within the production line of green energy tools. Not surprisingly, this talk was given in Bulgaria, as the country happens to be the second-largest export of crude copper in the world. 

Our slice of the event was Nasimo’s appeal to all artists that AI is not here to take anyone’s job and that now, more than ever, the human eye is twitching to find the art of its brethren (author’s note: just like a herd in distress, monitoring if every member is galloping in sync) 

Sofia Live Fest

Organiser: Sofia Live Fest

Date: 21 – 23 June 2024


Sofia Live Fest is one of the headlines in Sofia’s summer cultural agenda. We signed in and out on the last event from the list, kvARTal Fest, so now we’ve come for a humble visit once again. 

The eclectic fest convenes artists of the jazz, hip-hop, techno, and pop genres for a tumultuous 3-day party. This year, notable appearances were homegrown talents like So Called Crew and Bulgarian Cartrader and world-renowned DJ Shadow and Kocavs. 

Our cameo was placed in the merch space of the festival, where we had a blast talking to you guys about your ideas on art and its significance in ordinary, Bulgarian life. All funds collected on those three days were duly distributed to their respective missions under the wing of The Great Wall of Bulgaria: Hristo Prodanov Secondary School, Karlovo, and 13th Secondary School Paiisky Hilendarsky, Stara Zagora.