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We changed:

7 schools, serving

14 567 children

Our Mission

Let’s change the environment where our children grow up

Our mission is to make art a significant part of everyday life for the majority of our society, by taking it out of galleries and museums and spread it by murals to the places where future generations grow up – schools, kindergartens and every single institution that educates our children.

We are utterly convinced in the power of art to raise consciousness, to cultivate taste and to inspire realization of big dreams for a brighter future.

We believe in Dostoevsky’s phrase “The world will be saved by beauty” and in Ray Bradbury’s addition, that the beauty that will save the world is on the face of a mother who just gave birth, on the street arts and on the  painting that changes our worldview.

Besides painting of exterior facades and interion walls of schools, we organize workshops  and opened lectures, so that we can pass our knowledge to the younger ones and their parents. In this way, by engaging children with creative inclinations in the actual making of the mural, we help fine art talents to maintain their passion and develop their potential.

You can join the cause by buying a print or just donating a sum.