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How can we work together?

We work with individuals, businesses, municipalities, institutions and NGO’s. We don’t put limits for our art. Except, you know, we don’t like bad ideas. But we can help you with that too, don’t worry we got you.


1 Murals

You need mural for your home, office or building? Our street artists and muralists are here for you.

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When you call or write us, we well ask for some details as the size of the wall, what you want to achieve with the mural, whether or not you have an idea for it or you would like us to present you with some, what is your budget and if there is a due date by which the project should be done.

Then, with these in mind, we will choose the right artist/artists from our team to execute your idea and you will receive a project which will help us discuss in further details your idea.

Call us on +3559898764737 or write us at and we will help you clarify your idea to get the best out of what’s possible to be done in your particular case.


2 Art Workshops and Lectures

You want to keep your employees motivated and boost their creativity? We can organize workshops and art activities for them.

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We know that for every employer it is important to create a pleasant work environment for their employees so they are content and motivated. That is why we want to help you in this endevour by the service of our skills and be part of the reason why your employees feel good to be associated with your mission.

Whether you like a one time event for them, or you would choose to make a series, whether you want something for them to passively enjoy like an exhibiton or art lecture, or you would like for them to be active participants of a workshop or art discussion – we can help you clarify your idea and choose the best option for optimal result.

Just call us on 0898764737 or write us at

3 Commissions

You want to surprise a special person with a unique gift? Or you have an idea you want to see painted on a canvas or wall? Our artists work on commissions too.

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Sometimes you want to hang a painting on your wall but the exact thing that inspires you and that is on your mind you can not find already painted. That is why painters from way back in the past till nowadays accept also commissions.

You can call us on 0898764737 or write us at to tell us your idea and we will choose the right artist from our team to catch the mood of your vision and create it a reality.

4 Art for Your Workspace

You want to brighten up your business and commercial spaces? We can take care of the project.

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We know that your business has a mission and that it is important for its commercial spaces to cary that purpose and vision as a massage also. Art is a powerful tool to deliver a message that is why we can help you in this endevour.

We can decorate your business spaces with original paintings on strategic places, put some limited prints on others or make a mural for your most visible and communicative space – we can discuss all opportunities together on 0898764737 or at

With our creative force of 8 artists we can help you clarify your idea even if you’re not sure about the details. We can work together as a team so both sides at the end are satisfied with the collaboration.

Just call us at 0898764737 or write us at we will be happy to hear your idea.