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The Foundation

Fine Graff Art is a foundation established by Stanislav Trifonov – Nasimo in 2024, which greater goal is to support dissemination and development of art in Bulgaria, by taking it beyond the confines of traditional spaces, such as galleries and museums and placing it in the public, especially within the schools among teenagers.

The purpose is to involve different artists in painting exterior facades and interior spaces, so that will enrich the school environment and give children from an early age a chance to cultivate love and respect for art as means of developing finer qualities and aspirations in them.

At this point, our team is composed by:

Stanislav Trifonov – project inspirer, manager and artist

Alexandra Trifonova – assistant manager

Aylin Etemova – project coordinator

Simeon Cherepov – publicist

Kamen Bonev – artist

Ivan Shopov – artist

Nikolay Angelov – Gary – artist

Elisaveta Angelova – artist

Svetlozar Yankov – artist

Dimitar Yotov – artist

We believe that art is a powerful tool, that has to be used for the wellbeing of society, because a sustainable society is one that is united by higher values and is driven to develop a taste for art and culture.